Saturday, February 27, 2010

saturday update

This will be short and sweet. Scott was allowed to come home this afternoon. Thank You, Jesus!! He is doing okay. Obviously uncomfortable.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! Will update again soon.....

Friday, February 26, 2010

friday night update

I have received emails etc. asking about what's going on with Scott. Here is the bulleted version:

  • September 21st- Remove rectum/ileostomy surgery
  • Sewn up rectal wound with infection inside
  • October 21st- Back to the hospital to re-open wound so it can heal from infection
  • February 2010- Rectal wound STILL not healed. Another infection presenting itself on the outside.
  • Abscess on another part of the "tail" (for lack of a medical word) Very large infection spreading up his back
  • LAST NIGHT - Surgery to remove what infection they could.
  • Spent the night in the recovery room and moved to a room this afternoon (Friday).
  • IV antibiotics for a day or so. Infection is better.
  • Hoping (keeping our fingers crossed) that we MIGHT go home tomorrow??? Not sure though!
  • His initial wound from the September surgery not exactly where they want it to be. Unfortunately, we could be back in a month or so to "take care" of that. Whatever that might mean. I am choosing not to think about it now.

Sorry for all the TMI details! Some of you had asked. I thought that I would actually try and explain a little. Scott is doing fine. Actually, he is in good spirits for what he's been through and has been going through for FIVE LOOOOOOOOOOONG months.

Thanks to you all for your prayers and thoughts. I will update as I can.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey guys!! I say this all the time, but I am sorry for taking so long to blog. I have thought about closing the blog several times, but I enjoy writing when I have the chance. And I know that people like to see pictures of JP. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and without the Internet at home I can only write so much.

Not too much is going on in the Beam home. I have been battling the cold from you know where! As a mother of a three year old, I do not get to take a day off, so I am thanking God for Advil Cold and Sinus! JP and Scott are doing great. You can pray for Scott's grandmother...she is fighting pneumonia in the hospital. UGH!

I promise to do my best to take some cute pictures of JP this week and post them. I hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the griswolds play in the snow

Well, we played in the snow! I will preface this post by saying that I KNOW we are the Griswold' one needs to comment on that fact!! LOL JP had so much fun. However, being the unprepared mother that I am did not have snow boots OR a pair of snow gloves. The pair of gloves that he has are knit and not really made for snow. So...we tied WalMart bags over his shoes and we put a pair of socks over his hands and tied more WalMart bags on his hands.

Now that you know that, try to hold your laughter and remember that the pointCheck Spelling is JP had a good time!!! ;)

Daddy and JP making their snow angels.

JP's favorite part is throwing snowballs.

Pitiful, just pitiful!

Scott's snow angel turned out pretty nice.

Of course we had to wrestle in the snow.