Friday, December 30, 2011

christmas eve @ rose's house

Uncle T, doing what he does best...playing with the kiddos!
My two engineers playing Connect Four Launchers.
Pretty Lindi.
JP got a tornado maker from Rose and T...He LOVES it!! I cannot decide if he's going to be an engineer, or a meteorologist. He LOVES anything that has to do with weather.

He FINALLY got Scrabble Scoop!!!! Thanks, Bubba and Natalea!

You mean the paper's NOT the gift???

Lindi chewing on her carrot. Mmmm.
JP's five now and "too big" for's funny, though, how when he doesn't take one, he is so very still!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a boy, a scooter & a beautiful day

JP and I took his scooter for a spin this afternoon. It was such an awesome day. It only got chilly when the wind blew. Even then, it was bearable. Thanks, God, for a beautiful day! (And a beautiful child!)
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christmas morning

JP and Preston playing with P's new basketball goal.
Naturally, Preston would rather play with the tape and paper rather than the actual toy!
....still playing with the tape.
Reading his new book with uncle Scottie.
Let's eat JP's spinning toy!

Nanny and Papa bought JP the Bat cave! He hasn't stopped playing with it since! (It is pretty cool..)
(Okay, these are out of order, forgive me!)

Breakfast at Mimi's house.
MacKenzie walking her dog that Santa brought her.

JP riding his scooter and Coleman riding his new bike.

I apologize for the order of the pictures. You would think someone who's been blogging since 2007 would have figured it out by now. Not so much! Anyway, we had a wonderful Christmas. As always, it comes and goes too quickly. This week, we are just recovering from the lack of sleep and all the running around that we did. HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY, every one!
- Christmas Eve at Rose's house & more Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge pictures