Friday, December 2, 2011

friday night

Tonight was a good night. My mom made it home from Hilton Head and was so anxious to be with her two grand babies! Scott and I decided to take advantage of that and went out on a date. It was nice. Long overdue. We went to dinner at Red Lobster (YUM) and then went Christmas shopping!

We had a lot of fun. Of course, we rode in Scott's new truck. He is like a child with a new is so much fun to see him so happy! I need to take some pictures of the truck and post them. He is very proud. It's funny, because this was a COMPLETE God-thing! With Scott being so sick and his future with work unclear, we are in NO position to buy new things and add debt to our budget. To say that he got a steal on this Toyota Tacoma would be an understatement. Trust me!

Scott and I have ALWAYS had the things that we need. We have never wanted for anything. God has been very gracious to us. We were given Scott's grandmother's car a while back when we sold our Ford Escape. The plan was to drive his grandmother's (free) car while we looked for a truck. Because of Scott's extensive medical issues, we made the decision to stop looking for a truck. He had in mind what he wanted, but because of our medical bills/prescription medications/hospital stays, and doctor visits, it just was not an option financially.

Long story short, Scott's sister and brother in law mentioned to us that a friend of theirs was selling his truck, but needed to sell it quickly. That was the end of that. Bottom line..the truck literally fell into our laps. The cool part is, it's the EXACT truck that Scott wanted to begin with. The brand, the body style, everything!

Could we have done without this truck? ABSOLUTELY. Would it have been a blessing to be able to buy any old truck? ABSOLUTELY. Is it just like God to, not only provide, but to take into consideration your desires and give you over and above what you deserve just to prove how much He loves us?


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