Monday, April 28, 2008

Go Big Orange & Updates

Thank you to Aunt Judy and Allyson for giving JP this Tennessee chair. I actually had to take it out of the house because he absolutely WOULD NOT get out of it! We went to watch Tyler play baseball Saturday and he sat with us like a big boy--it was so cute! Definitely a good buy! (Daddy would rather it be a Gamecock chair...hehehehehe!)


  • Shannon & Peyton- both are doing very well! Peyton is eating well and sleeping a lot during the day. His first little doctor's check up went great. He's a cutie!! Mary E. and Taylor are adjusting wonderfully.

  • Megan & Brian- For those of you who know, Brian was able to get out this past week and pick Megan out another engagement ring-praise God for that! He also was able to attend two of the four soccer games Saturday-another praise! Continue to keep Brian, Megan and the kids in your prayers. They are hangin' in there and taking things one day at a time. Ask God to give them His strength and a peace that's overwhelming.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Belated pictures of Peyton

I hope Shannon will not mind me posting this picture of her and Peyton....I think it is the MOST beautiful thing! They are meeting for the very first time! Taylor and Mary E. seeing little P for the first time.
......still looking!
What a baby!! How beautiful! Way to go, God!
Scott and Peyton.
JP is not sure what to think. He's no longer the baby in the group!
Proud new mommy!
Baby blue angel.
So excited to finally hold him.

Belated pictures of the lake

I am sorry that it's taken so long to post these long overdue pictures. You know how it is with a toddler "toddling" around!! These are the pictures of our weekend at the lake cabin. I know, there are no actual pictures of the lake itself. We mostly hung out around the cabin. We did visit our close friends, Dale, Christi and Jodi over at Crooked Creek campground. It was awesome to see them again. JP is a camper at heart!! (hint, hint, papa Jack!) Yea, VeggieTales!!

JP's new thing is to get down on his hands and hold his leg in the air....everyone has to clap when he does this.
Yummy spaghetti!
Are you taking a picture of me naked!?
JP, me and Jodi. (can you tell she is a Clemson graduate?)
Just chillin'!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Too late for catch up....

A couple of things:
  1. Most importantly....PEYTON JOE WOOD is here!!!!! Born today, April 21, 2008. 9lbs 8oz! Mom and baby are doing great!
  2. Mom, JP and I had an awesome time at the lake this past weekend!

It's really late, and I am pooped. Pictures from #1 and #2 will follow in the next few days! Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

  • I am SO HAPPY that it is the weekend!
  • I am spending a lot of the weekend at the lake!
  • I wish that my nephew, Peyton, would HURRY UP and arrive!!
  • I enjoyed spending two days out of the week at home with my baby boy!
  • My husband is spending a lot of time planning music for our new church plant....he is very smart and talented!
  • My bro, Terry, is waiting on his CD to come back. I've already sold EIGHT copies and am taking orders for more! It's awesome!
  • I don't think I have ever been as close to God as I am right now.
  • I love my family and friends.
  • I am excited about our new ministry and the people who have been coming.
  • Happy Birthday, Rachael!
  • Did I mention that I am heading to the lake??!! (I will miss my sweet husband!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Water gun fun!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...right in mommy's eye!!

Whoa....wrong way.
Look at my cool, wet hair!
Who are you lookin' at mommy!!

I spent the whole day with my baby today! We had a lot of fun. Thanks to aunt Rose and Target's dollar isle, we have not one, but THREE new water guns!! WOO-HOO! Teaching JP to shoot the water gun was hilarious! He didn't quite understand how to hold it.....he pointed it towards his face to shoot me!!

We had a blast! I thought I would share the pics!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Television for Women???

I am writing this while Scott is at softball practice with his sister. I must tell you that before he left he watched a Lifetime movie with me. Why is this important? Glad you asked....

Women everywhere LOVE this channel. At least I do! For YEARS Scott has given me a hard time for watching these "silly" movies. At times his comments have been justified. For example, if I happen to watch one that had to do with a husband cheating on his wife or living a double life, I ALWAYS called him and needed to know where he was. If he worked late during the week, I convinced myself that he was with his "other" family across town! Bless his heart....he puts up with so much!

When Scott came in from work today, he made the mistake of sitting down on the couch. I had just started a movie. LET ME TELL YOU, it took him all of 30 SECONDS to be hooked! I had to pause it each time he had to use the bathroom/make his sandwiches/get dressed etc....Oh wait....actually I didn't pause it when he changed into his sweat clothes---HE BROUGHT THEM INTO THE LIVING ROOM AND CHANGED WHILE HE FINISHED THE MOVIE!!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Scott reads my blog each day along with a lot of our co-workers. I am getting a real kick out of embarrassing him in this way! Hey, sweetheart...I don't know what's worse, your obsession with Hannah Montana or your new found love of girlie movies! You're so sweet! (And I do mean sweet!) hehehehe

I'm really not a mean wife. I just remember once upon a time when my sweet soul-mate took over my blog and told the whole blog world how horrible I was with the laundry. This is just payback! I love you!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Longer than normal.....

I try to post MOSTLY pictures on this blog. I figure most of you aren't too interested in reading my ramblings. However, today something is heavy on my heart. JP has been very congested this weekend, so I kept him home from church. While Scott was gone and JP was playing, I read a book on adoption miracles. I have had it forever, but it was just on "display" on my bookshelf. I decided to dust it off and open it.

WOW....just one of the many words I can use to describe it. I read the entire thing! (It's not that long.) Anyway, the book is a compilation of personal stories of families who have adopted. When I finished, I was reminded of just how important adoption is to God. The way He brings lost little children into loving homes is AMAZING! I feel sure that the majority of people who follow this blog feel the same way I do. Having said that, believe it or not, there are those who do not understand. Over the past few weeks comments have been made to me that, once upon a time, would have offended me and hurt my feelings. Only now, it just makes me feel sorry for them. I will share one....

A couple of months ago, someone asked me if I was "ready to have a baby." I thought she meant ANOTHER baby. She didn't. She said, "Oh, I know you adopted JP, but don't you and Scott want to begin your family by having your own?" Now, again, the pre pick-up-trip Andrea would have become a slobbering idiot and probably hit her. The "now that JP's home" Andrea shed tears for a different reason. How sad! It's no secret that one day in the future Scott and I would like to adopt again. Will we have natural children....who knows! Who cares!

SOAPBOX: There are children all over the world and in the United States who are homeless or worse, in homes being abused. So, in an attempt to answer the ignorant woman's ridiculous question....."will I have my "own" children?" Maybe. BUT how can I NOT adopt??? Too many babies and children need our help and our home!!! They need love and my Bible tells me to give it to them!
In the closing of this book, the author tells a story (that we've all probably heard) of the little girl who was walking down the beach picking up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean. Her dad looks at her and says, "Honey, why bother, you'll never be able to save them all." She looks at the starfish in her hand and says, "Yeah, but I can save this one."
That's how I think of adoption. I wish I had the resources to "save" a lot more children, but for now, JP's enough for me!! After reading that book, I just held him. Praise God for the awesome opportunity He gave me to adopt!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Will

Congratulations to my friend/co-worker, Melissa who delivered her new baby yesterday afternoon!!! We will miss laughing with you while you're out.....don't worry though, Kathi and I will bring the laughter to your house once you are home and in a routine!! hehehehe

Saturday, April 5, 2008

JP's new thing and my boys sleepin'.....

JP's new "thing" is putting his pillow in the middle of the floor to watch T.V. (aka Doodlebops!) He will lay there with his head propped in his little hands, kicking his feet...of course I could not catch that in a picture because he does not stay still long enough.
I thought I would add this pic of Scott and JP asleep on the couch. I just thought it was cute! We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hangin' in my crib.....

This is a little Guatemalan doll that was in JP's crib when they brought him to me at the Marriott. It tells of a legend in Guatemala.....the children put this little doll under their pillow at night and it keeps the bad dreams away. I hung it on his crib just as a reminder of our time there.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Lake

I make Kathi's glasses look SO GOOD!
How cute is he??Spoiled.....who's spoiled??
JP and nanny.

Me and Kathi.
Me and Rachael.
Me and the mini-love of my life.
Can't keep off of these!!

Hakuna Matata!!