Friday, February 27, 2009

little bit '0 drama

It's been a long week. Nothing major..just lots of little things. Scott went to the doctor to check out a hemorrhoid, so he thought. He ended up calling me at work and telling me that he was on his way to the hospital to have an abscess near his pouch (from his crohn's) removed. So, Wednesday he ended up having a little bit of surgery. He is doing better today. We went to the doctor for a follow up appointment this afternoon.

Now, I will not go into detail, but we'll just say that due to the "ECONOMIC CRISIS," Scott and I have set ourselves, (along w/ much needed help/counseling from my parents), up on a budget. So, there has been a lot of positive and negative stress in the Beam family.

I am not sure if JP is feeding off of our tension and stress, but he has been MAJOR clingy to me. He woke up three times during the night last night crying and saying, "mommy comin!" I am not sure what that means. This morning he told me and my mom that he was scared. Today, his caregiver told me that he was fussy and was calling for me all day. That's not like him either. So....tomorrow my bible study group has a day retreat at the lake...guess who's joining us?? JOSEPH BEAM! I know, it's crazy, but I am NOT leaving him behind with a sitter the way he feels. Unfortunately, Scott is not in shape enough to chase after him the whole day. It might not exactly be a "retreat" for me, but I will feel better having him there with me!

I guess that's all. Like I said, definitely no big deal, just some small inconveniences! Hope everyone has a great weekend. I will post pics from the weekend on Sunday!

a few from the day retreat & the bathtub

Our bible study group had a day retreat at Kathi's cabin Saturday. We had a lot of fun/food/bible study and fellowship.JP joined us since Scott had surgery. He was so good. I brought his toys and DVD's and he entertained himself!

Lynne and Rose working HARD!

Playing games

Kathi and Angela

Beautiful view of lake.

Sweet JP after he wakes up from his nap.

Playing outside on the rocks.

The group (minus six other ladies that were not able to join us)

I gave JP this picture out of a magazine. He loves dogs. This is where I found it....I guess reading material in the bathroom starts at an early age!!

These are a few pictures of JP in the bathtub that I thought were cute. I realize that he's now too old to photograph NAKED, so these are the last ones! :( I was careful with what I chose to take a picture of!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eating supper on a T.V tray at Nanny and Papa's house...big deal!!

Playin' outside

Teeka! I hear you but I can't see you....

Are you there???

Teeka jumped on the fence, mommy!

I love to roll around in the dirt in my clothes and WHITE shoes!

Teeka...there you are!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mom and I went to the Clemson women's basketball game Sunday afternoon. Tyler's challenge league was shooting baskets during halftime. (Otherwise, I would NOT have been there!)

My Tyler

The kids looked MUCH better than the team did!

Before halftime began, the announcers were recognizing the team members who had made straight A's... each time the crowd cheered, this precious guy stood up and saluted the fans!!!

Dancing to THE TWIST