Monday, October 31, 2011

trunk or treat (compliments of holly..although i did find my camera!)

Okay, here are a few from our Trunk or Treat excursion at Rose's church Saturday night. The little kiddos had a blast. There were blow up bounce houses, games, a photo booth, trunks full of candy and, my son's favorite, horse rides. Thanks, Aunt Rose for inviting us!

This is JP (aka, Blue Power Ranger) waiting for his turn on the horse. I will hopefully have a picture of that soon. It did not upload from Face book for some reason. These are the proud 1st time Halloween mommies with their little animals! How cute are they?! The babies aren't too shabby either! Ha!

Who wouldn't want to find this little bear in their back yard!

I told you, only a few. Remember, I didn't have my camera. I am very thankful to Holly for sharing her pictures! Tonight we took JP trick or treating..he LOVED it! I found my camera (thank You, Lord) so I will post those pictures tomorrow.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

not happy

We took JP and Preston to my aunt's church last night for Trunk or Treat. Why am I mad? I'm glad you asked.. I CANNOT FIND MY CAMERA! Yes, you read that right. How does someone who lives to blog lose her camera? I have looked almost everywhere. I still have one or two more places to check.

You can only imagine how furious I was last night. JP and Preston looked so stinkin' cute in their Halloween costumes and I had to rely on another person to take my pictures.


There were jump houses/slides and JP even rode a full size horse! Or, pardon me, the Blue Power Ranger rode a horse! Thankfully, my cousin Holly had her camera and got some pics of the three kiddos (JP, Preston and Lindi).

We are taking JP trick or treating tomorrow night as well. I hope to find my camera before then!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


* Edited to add* Due to a handful of recent emails and a long conversation with my mom, I will be opening up a THIRD blog. Yes, call me crazy..I must be! It will be a blog ONLY for devotions. I will provide a link to the new site when it's ready...

Hola, everyone!

I wanted to let all of you know that I have decided not to change anything or close out this blog. After many of your sweet face book messages and emails, I realized that there are a lot of you who follow this site to see pictures of my sweet boy and stay up to date on our family. So, jpbeamer will not be going anywhere. Yay! Having said that, I will be opening up a second blog. I hope that all of you will also follow it. You can find it, here. Below is what you will find on each site:

  • JPBEAMER- pictures of our family, JP stories, pictures of Preston and different activities that we are involved in. I will also keep everyone up to date on Scott and his medical conditions.

  • Sunshine & Sweet Tea- this site will be a LOT OF EVERYTHING, from movie/restaurant/book reviews to photography. I will post devotions/short stories from time to time. Basically, anything that comes into my crazy mind!

I am also asking (on that site) that if anyone has questions for me or ideas for posts, to please email me or comment to let me know.

I guess that's all for now! Thanks for your participation and support. STAY TUNED FOR HALLOWEEN PICTURES OF THE COUSINS!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

the monster in my mirror

I do not believe in monsters. At least I didn't, until this morning. In my defense, I have been sick all week. Strep throat...YUK! The only positive thing that came from my misery was the fact that I was able to spend three days in my bed. My warm, soft bed. It was good! So good that for a brief time I was able to forget that when I tried to eat or drink anything, it felt as if I was swallowing a handful of razors! was that bad.

This morning in particular it was very hard to peel myself off of my mattress. After lots of moaning and groaning I made it into the bathroom. My original plan was to splash some cold water on my face in an attempt to jolt myself into existence so that I could help Scott get JP ready for school. I believe I could have carried out this plan had I not looked into the mirror.

There it was. A MONSTER! I froze. Where was my reflection?!! The figure staring back at me had brown hair, but it was matted and greasy. She had dark circles under her eyes and very chapped lips. My initial reaction was to run out of the bathroom and not look back. Instead I decided to stand up against this monster and fight! My weapon?


That's right! Andrea Beam put on make up...and you would not believe the difference it made. The monster disappeared and in it's place was my reflection! Poor Scott. I cringe when I think about what my sweet husband has to look at each day! At least when he sees me today, he'll see the "average" gal he married and not Frankenstein's bride!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hey guys!!

I am in the process of making some changes to the blog. What I am probably going to do is completely close the JPBeamer blog and open up an actual website. I am researching the different types and costs now. Hang in there with me!

I have not done ANYTHING this week. I am home with strep throat! UGH! It has kicked my butt!

Keep checkin' in...I hope everyone is having a super week! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

i need your help

I want to first apologize for my lack of blogging lately. Between working, JP's school and Scott recovering from his surgeries, I have been sortof in a fog. I am happy, however, to report that Scott is doing really well right now. THANK GOD! He is still receiving physical therapy weekly and has not returned to work yet, but he is feeling much better. Thank you all for your prayers!

Now, on to the reason I need your vote. I am seriously thinking of closing this blog and beginning a whole new one. Those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that I originally opened the blog as a way to chronicle our adoption experience. I keep thinking the time has come to close this one out and save it for JP to read one day. I feel like God has put another blog idea in my head for a whole other purpose. In my personal life, I am tossing around the idea of a career change. NOT NOW, but in the distant future. While I love the field of special education and I have thoroughly enjoyed (for the most part) the time I have spent in the classroom environment, my true passion is writing. Up until now, writing has been a past time for me. Something I have done for fun and relaxation. Over the past year or so, I have felt God leading me to do more with it. I am currently researching different courses I can take to give me some education and training in the creative writing/journalism department and I plan on attending a writers conference in the Spring.

One area of writing that appeals to me most is devotional writing. The new blog I am thinking of opening will be a blog for just that. Devotions. Each day there will be a new devotion to read. This will help me to create sortof a portfolio of writings. What do you think? I know that most of you follow the blog to get family updates and to see pictures of JP. Remember though that I am on Facebook and post pictures and updates there too.

So, what I need for you guys to do is PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHICH BLOG WOULD APPEAL TO YOU THE MOST. I know everyone is busy and it will take time to actually respond to this, but it is important to me. If you do not know how to respond on the comment section, shoot me an email at or .

I will leave this post up for one week. I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!