Friday, October 21, 2011

the monster in my mirror

I do not believe in monsters. At least I didn't, until this morning. In my defense, I have been sick all week. Strep throat...YUK! The only positive thing that came from my misery was the fact that I was able to spend three days in my bed. My warm, soft bed. It was good! So good that for a brief time I was able to forget that when I tried to eat or drink anything, it felt as if I was swallowing a handful of razors! was that bad.

This morning in particular it was very hard to peel myself off of my mattress. After lots of moaning and groaning I made it into the bathroom. My original plan was to splash some cold water on my face in an attempt to jolt myself into existence so that I could help Scott get JP ready for school. I believe I could have carried out this plan had I not looked into the mirror.

There it was. A MONSTER! I froze. Where was my reflection?!! The figure staring back at me had brown hair, but it was matted and greasy. She had dark circles under her eyes and very chapped lips. My initial reaction was to run out of the bathroom and not look back. Instead I decided to stand up against this monster and fight! My weapon?


That's right! Andrea Beam put on make up...and you would not believe the difference it made. The monster disappeared and in it's place was my reflection! Poor Scott. I cringe when I think about what my sweet husband has to look at each day! At least when he sees me today, he'll see the "average" gal he married and not Frankenstein's bride!

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