Monday, October 31, 2011

trunk or treat (compliments of holly..although i did find my camera!)

Okay, here are a few from our Trunk or Treat excursion at Rose's church Saturday night. The little kiddos had a blast. There were blow up bounce houses, games, a photo booth, trunks full of candy and, my son's favorite, horse rides. Thanks, Aunt Rose for inviting us!

This is JP (aka, Blue Power Ranger) waiting for his turn on the horse. I will hopefully have a picture of that soon. It did not upload from Face book for some reason. These are the proud 1st time Halloween mommies with their little animals! How cute are they?! The babies aren't too shabby either! Ha!

Who wouldn't want to find this little bear in their back yard!

I told you, only a few. Remember, I didn't have my camera. I am very thankful to Holly for sharing her pictures! Tonight we took JP trick or treating..he LOVED it! I found my camera (thank You, Lord) so I will post those pictures tomorrow.


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