Sunday, October 30, 2011

not happy

We took JP and Preston to my aunt's church last night for Trunk or Treat. Why am I mad? I'm glad you asked.. I CANNOT FIND MY CAMERA! Yes, you read that right. How does someone who lives to blog lose her camera? I have looked almost everywhere. I still have one or two more places to check.

You can only imagine how furious I was last night. JP and Preston looked so stinkin' cute in their Halloween costumes and I had to rely on another person to take my pictures.


There were jump houses/slides and JP even rode a full size horse! Or, pardon me, the Blue Power Ranger rode a horse! Thankfully, my cousin Holly had her camera and got some pics of the three kiddos (JP, Preston and Lindi).

We are taking JP trick or treating tomorrow night as well. I hope to find my camera before then!


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