Thursday, October 27, 2011


* Edited to add* Due to a handful of recent emails and a long conversation with my mom, I will be opening up a THIRD blog. Yes, call me crazy..I must be! It will be a blog ONLY for devotions. I will provide a link to the new site when it's ready...

Hola, everyone!

I wanted to let all of you know that I have decided not to change anything or close out this blog. After many of your sweet face book messages and emails, I realized that there are a lot of you who follow this site to see pictures of my sweet boy and stay up to date on our family. So, jpbeamer will not be going anywhere. Yay! Having said that, I will be opening up a second blog. I hope that all of you will also follow it. You can find it, here. Below is what you will find on each site:

  • JPBEAMER- pictures of our family, JP stories, pictures of Preston and different activities that we are involved in. I will also keep everyone up to date on Scott and his medical conditions.

  • Sunshine & Sweet Tea- this site will be a LOT OF EVERYTHING, from movie/restaurant/book reviews to photography. I will post devotions/short stories from time to time. Basically, anything that comes into my crazy mind!

I am also asking (on that site) that if anyone has questions for me or ideas for posts, to please email me or comment to let me know.

I guess that's all for now! Thanks for your participation and support. STAY TUNED FOR HALLOWEEN PICTURES OF THE COUSINS!!!


Kathi said...

Hey there. I visited your new site. I've tried several times to post a comment. I don't know why it won't post.

Andrea Beam said...

Hey, I posted a "test" comment on the other worked. I am not sure what happened with yours. Try again and if it still doesn't work, email me.