Monday, June 24, 2013

my reviews

THE KROC CENTER  - Greenville

Okay, in case you're wondering THIS is my NEW all-time favorite place to take the children in Greenville.  The pictures are not that great.  I was afraid of my phone getting wet.  Next time we go, I will take my Nikon camera.  LOL, if it gets wet, I'll survive...however, who can live without their Smart Phone?! 

The Kroc Center is located near downtown Greenville off Academy Street on Westview Street.  The Center is run by the Salvation Army and is named after a couple who invested their time and finances in the organization. 

Here are a few things you need to know before you go:
  1. Call first.  I learned the hard way that the pool area (where you will most likely spend your time) does not always open early.  The morning we went, it opened at 11:30.
  2. Take a change of clothes.  Inside the pool area, there are lockers for your personal belongings and very large family restrooms with showers.  After you swim, you'll want to utilize this area.  There is no need in driving home with wet children in the car!
  3. Wear your bathing suit.  Or at least clothes you do not mind getting wet.  The "playground"  is in the front part of the swimming area immersed in about 1ft of water.  If you have small children, you will most probably wade in this part of the water the majority of the time.  And you WILL get wet!  Water sprays from all over the place!  Not to mention it is just a lot of fun and you'll want to get in the water with your kiddos.
  4. Take your child's flotation devices.  This is not required due to the amount of shallow water, but if you have a child who is not a seasoned swimmer, you will definitely want them protected.  There are a lot of other children there, and if for no other reason, it will give you peace of mind.  (We did not use them, but I believe they have life vests available.) 
  5. Olympic size pool.  There is an Olympic size swimming pool.  Children have to be accompanied by an adult in the water OR they have the option of taking a "swim test." If your child uses swimmies/life vest etc. they WILL NOT be allowed to swim in the pool unattended.
  6. Lifeguards.  There are two lifeguards that monitor the play area and one who monitors the water slide.  I believe you have to be 48" tall to ride the slide.  It looks REALLY COOL!
  7. Other amenities.  Other than the pool, there is a basketball gym, an exercise room, aerobics and several other activities available. I am not educated on all that is offered, we only used the pool. 
  8. Prices.  It costs $6 a head to use the pool.  3 years old and under is FREE.  Yes, you have to pay even if  you sit on the side and supervise your swimmers.  (Trust me, you won't do that!)  There are packages and discounts available as well as all day passes.  When we went, I bought a FIVE visit pass for $28. 
As you can tell I HIGHLY recommend the Kroc Center.  It is VERY clean and well organized.  I would choose this over one of the (dirty) water parks in town any day! 

    My best friend, Kerri, and I took our boys to see Monsters University Saturday afternoon.  It was a really cute movie.  I won't tell you too much about it.  The title is pretty self explanatory.  The Monsters try to make it to "Scare School."  Enough said.  If I were passing out stars, I would probably give it 3 out of 5.  JP and Andrew, on the other hand, would give it 5.  So, if your goal is to please your children, DEFINITELY GO.  They will love it.  If YOU are going anticipating an adult laugh like Toy Story, Shrek, or CARS, save your money and rent it at the Red Box!
    I guess that's it!  Here are a few pictures from today...

    We spent time in the pool this morning and at the library this afternoon.  All of this AFTER taking Preston to the doctor this morning to find out that he has an ear AND sinus infection!  UGH!  Although, as you can see in the pictures, he felt HORRIBLE all day! 

    Goodnight, guys!  HAPPY TUESDAY...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

i choose joy

No matter what the day may hold.  No matter what circumstances the previous day handed me.  I want to wake up each morning and choose Joy.

 I have found out the hard way, more than once, that this life is not always what we plan for it to be. Dreams are shattered, people disappoint us, death knocks on the door and friendships fade.  But through EVERYTHING, I choose JOY.

That is the kind of person I want to be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

catching a breath

My, my, my!  What a week.  We are thoroughly enjoying having Andrew with us each week, but MAN do these boys keep me on the go!  It is my fault, really.  I keep them super busy.  Trust me, it works best that way.  For everyone.  Today we found a new place in downtown Greenville called the Kroc Center. I will be doing a REVIEW post on it this week.  It was so much fun!

Just like every other week, we made time for the pool.  I definitely have three little fish on my hands!

Dad and I took JP and Preston to the downtown Greenville Airport to see a 727 Jet fly over and land.  JP was not as into this because he has "been on a plane,"  as he says!  Preston, on the other hand, is obsessed with "hair planes,"  so this day was for him!  It was fun. Hot, but fun.  I love the pictures I was able to snap of Preston and my dad...Papa Jack likes "hair planes" too!

In addition to the Kroc Center, I took JP and Andrew to Falls Park today.  These two have become fast friends.  And boy am I glad since Andrew's mommy and I are the very BEST of FRIENDS! 

I will post the pictures from the Kroc Center when I do the review this week.  If you live in the area and haven't been, it is a MUST. 

Tomorrow (Fri) we only have plans to be lazy around the house.  I am completely worn out from the week.  Nanny has been at the Island since Monday.  Between cooking (every night, I might add) and keeping up with the wild boys, I am ready for another vacation.  Hmmm, it's a good thing I am taking one next weekend!  Yay!  JP and I are heading to Pawley's Island next Friday.  I am counting down the days.

I believe that's all folks!  Have a happy Friday!!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

the weekend and father's day

I am sitting here on the couch so thankful that I do not really have anything to do today!  JP and I have the luxury of  being SUPER lazy all day!  I am also feeling blessed that I have a son who enjoys being home and is perfectly content to play around the house.  The pool pump has broken, so we are unable to swim until Wednesday. 

I had a wonderful weekend at the lake with my friends.  The weather was perfect.  We drove the boat and the jet ski out to a part of the lake that was not too busy, let down the anchor and stayed on the boat the entire day Saturday.  We took turns riding the jet ski, went swimming, tanned in the sun and danced to our music.  FUN TIMES!

Getting the cooler packed and ready for the day on the water.

 Brian snoozing on the ski

I drove home Saturday night so that I could go to church with my dad on Sunday morning.  We went to church, had a wonderful lunch and all watched the US Open golf tournament for Father's Day.  Again, it was a really nice day.
Me and my dad.  There are not enough words in the English language for me to express how much this man means to me.  I've always been close with my dad, but over the past nine months, God has really used him to remind me of His love.  Happy Father's Day, dad.  I love you more than you know...
We do not have too much going on this week.  Andrew will be with us tomorrow (Tues) through Thursday.  I am taking JP to see his therapist this afternoon.  He actually enjoys going.  He is so cute. Mom left for Pawley's Island this morning.  She will be gone all week.  I'm only a little jealous!  I know she'll have fun!
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  Stay tuned for more updates...

Friday, June 14, 2013

if you need me...

... I'll be at the lake!

I am heading out this afternoon to Lake Keowee for the weekend!  I am very excited.  It is going to be a MUCH needed weekend away with friends.

I will take lots of pictures and post them (probably) Monday. 

My handsome sweet boy at the pool this morning.
Have a super weekend everybody!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1st week of summer

Whew!  As I wipe my brow.  I am tired.  About this time each summer I gain a new love and respect for stay at home mothers.  I began keeping my friend Kerri's son this week.  He and JP are TOO cute together and get along so well.  We are having a lot of fun.  I have been working really hard to keep the house in order while providing them with fun activities, structure and routine. 

And I thought my classroom was hard.  It "ain't got nothin'"  on this job!  But, I love it!  Not to mention it is keeping my mind occupied from the haunting thoughts that Satan threatens to flood my mind with from time to time. Yep, busy has been good for this girl!

So this is little Andrew.  He is a riot!  Add him to JP and I am in stitches all day.  Literally.  This is the only week he is with us for five days.  I do believe we'll miss him when he is not here.  Such a sweetheart.

We began our week downtown, of course.  My favorite.  Sprinklers and picnic fun!

What's summer fun without pool day, sidewalk chalk and shaving cream?!  (All those lesson plans I had to write during my Early Childhood classes are paying off after all!)
As you can see, we really are having a blast.  Preston has enjoyed getting to know "Anderoos" as well! 

I look forward to an entire summer of sunny days by the pool.  I hope everyone has had a good week so far.  I hope to do a better job of blogging every day (or at least every other day) this summer.  My computer was dropped by a (very small) member of my family recently.  The charger was ripped from the side and now there is a short in the connection.  So, I am having a hard time keeping my laptop charged.  I am looking into getting it repaired.  Until then...bear with me.
Not sure what tomorrow holds for this gang.  I can tell you that I will have fun pictures to post from my weekend.  I'll be testing out my new jet ski!