Thursday, June 20, 2013

catching a breath

My, my, my!  What a week.  We are thoroughly enjoying having Andrew with us each week, but MAN do these boys keep me on the go!  It is my fault, really.  I keep them super busy.  Trust me, it works best that way.  For everyone.  Today we found a new place in downtown Greenville called the Kroc Center. I will be doing a REVIEW post on it this week.  It was so much fun!

Just like every other week, we made time for the pool.  I definitely have three little fish on my hands!

Dad and I took JP and Preston to the downtown Greenville Airport to see a 727 Jet fly over and land.  JP was not as into this because he has "been on a plane,"  as he says!  Preston, on the other hand, is obsessed with "hair planes,"  so this day was for him!  It was fun. Hot, but fun.  I love the pictures I was able to snap of Preston and my dad...Papa Jack likes "hair planes" too!

In addition to the Kroc Center, I took JP and Andrew to Falls Park today.  These two have become fast friends.  And boy am I glad since Andrew's mommy and I are the very BEST of FRIENDS! 

I will post the pictures from the Kroc Center when I do the review this week.  If you live in the area and haven't been, it is a MUST. 

Tomorrow (Fri) we only have plans to be lazy around the house.  I am completely worn out from the week.  Nanny has been at the Island since Monday.  Between cooking (every night, I might add) and keeping up with the wild boys, I am ready for another vacation.  Hmmm, it's a good thing I am taking one next weekend!  Yay!  JP and I are heading to Pawley's Island next Friday.  I am counting down the days.

I believe that's all folks!  Have a happy Friday!!! 

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