Sunday, June 9, 2013

pool party

Well, we did not end up dog/house sitting this weekend for my friends.  JP was SO disappointed.  In light of his emotional breakdown, we did spend Saturday evening with Hal and Megan and their OH SO PRECIOUS dogs!  That made JP happy.

I sure do love my friends.  Have I said that before?!  LOL

The majority of our weekend was spent around our pool.  My aunt and cousins came over to kick off our first pool party of the season! (Of which there will be MANY this year!)  It was, of course, good times and GREAT food!

The food was my favorite part...well, almost.  Rose always does such a great job entertaining!  Yummy salad, Chick Fil A nuggets and SWEET TEA! 
 Get a room!!
 My boys!

Please keep BJay in your prayers on Tuesday...he is having surgery.  Thanks!! 

 Lindi and Nanny Faye

What a nice weekend!
Tomorrow my best friend Kerri's son, Andrew, will be staying with us for part of the day.  I'm excited because JP will have someone to keep him busy.  PLUS, our little Preston returns home from Myrtle Beach.  He's been gone since Friday and boy do we miss him!  Especially Papa!
I hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


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