Monday, June 17, 2013

the weekend and father's day

I am sitting here on the couch so thankful that I do not really have anything to do today!  JP and I have the luxury of  being SUPER lazy all day!  I am also feeling blessed that I have a son who enjoys being home and is perfectly content to play around the house.  The pool pump has broken, so we are unable to swim until Wednesday. 

I had a wonderful weekend at the lake with my friends.  The weather was perfect.  We drove the boat and the jet ski out to a part of the lake that was not too busy, let down the anchor and stayed on the boat the entire day Saturday.  We took turns riding the jet ski, went swimming, tanned in the sun and danced to our music.  FUN TIMES!

Getting the cooler packed and ready for the day on the water.

 Brian snoozing on the ski

I drove home Saturday night so that I could go to church with my dad on Sunday morning.  We went to church, had a wonderful lunch and all watched the US Open golf tournament for Father's Day.  Again, it was a really nice day.
Me and my dad.  There are not enough words in the English language for me to express how much this man means to me.  I've always been close with my dad, but over the past nine months, God has really used him to remind me of His love.  Happy Father's Day, dad.  I love you more than you know...
We do not have too much going on this week.  Andrew will be with us tomorrow (Tues) through Thursday.  I am taking JP to see his therapist this afternoon.  He actually enjoys going.  He is so cute. Mom left for Pawley's Island this morning.  She will be gone all week.  I'm only a little jealous!  I know she'll have fun!
Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!  Stay tuned for more updates...

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