Monday, December 26, 2011

santa was good to jp

Santa came!!
JP got lots of surprises this year. Mainly because he only asked for one or two things. He LOVED his scooter...we cannot wait to take him out and ride it!
Simon FLASH! JP is SO INTO games this year...I am so happy about that. 1, it's something our whole family can enjoy, and 2, it means less TOYS for me to step over!

And here we are (above) staring romantically at the ONE thing we asked Santa for...Dr. Dreadful Zombie Lab! UGH! I disagreed with Santa on this one. You create brains, vomit and bugs and eat them out of the Zombie's skull. Thank you, Nick Toons!
Riding our scooter! We do need to get a helmet...
I have no caption for this, other than G.R.O.S.S!
Monster House and Spy Kids DVD.
....again, here we are caressing the disgusting.
We had a great time, as always! Santa was so much fun. I hope everyone enjoyed their time Christmas morning. Stay tuned for more pictures from our weekend. (I also have more Gatlinburg thankful that I can do this from home again!)

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