Thursday, December 15, 2011

This is what I will be doing next week! Scott, JP and I are leaving for Gatlinburg on Sunday and not coming back until Friday evening. I am so excited!

I will take my camera (of course) and bring back some GREAT pictures. We are going to spend one day in DOLLY WOOD. I cannot wait for that...we have never been at Christmas time.

We have been doing pretty well lately. Scott has not been too sick. He has his moments. He will be having an ultrasound and more blood work done the week after Christmas. For now, we are enjoying the time that we can and doing our best to get through the not-so-good times. We are BOTH looking forward to getting away next week. It will be really good for all three of us. And now is a good time to tell you that I WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY PHONE CALLS WHILE I'M GONE, (except emergencies and immediate family), SO IF YOU CALL OR TEXT ME, I WILL CATCH UP WITH YOU WHEN I RETURN!!

Scott and I really need to focus on us and time with JP. With everything going on, sometimes it's easy to be rushed/frustrated and busy. In Gatlinburg, we are going to BE STILL!

I hope that everyone has an AMAZING Christmas!

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