Sunday, December 25, 2011

precious faces of christmas

#1- JP opening his gift from Nanny and Papa this morning.

Okay, for whatever reason my computer will not allow me to write a sentence above JP's picture. So, I have to introduce this post from here. Ha! The following pictures (including the above) are the winners of my Precious Faces of Christmas Contest. If you have not heard of this contest, it is because I just made it up. Sad, I know. I will be posting on my Sunshine blog soon how I am ALREADY suffering from the post-Christmas blues, so just humor me...

#2 - Miss Lindi Rose chewing on a carrot, COMPLETELY oblivious to how beautiful her blue eyes are.
#3- Baby Preston admiring Uncle Scottie while opening his gift from us.

#4- Coleman opening his gifts EARLY this morning at Gaga's house. How handsome!

#5- JP & MacKenzie posing for a picture, COMPLETELY aware of how cute they are!

#6- Another picture of Preston sporting his GQ stripes!

Please feel free to cast your vote! I cannot choose...I love them all!

*Please note, there is NO prize for the most votes. This is just a meaningless poll for only myself. In fact, I feel sure this post will be as successful as my "Tell me what you're thankful for" post on my other blog. But, oh well, I was less bored for twenty minutes and I was able to play on my new laptop.*

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