Thursday, December 5, 2013

i am turning the page

My son is learning to love chapter books!  You can imagine how this excites me.  Each night he chooses a book and we read a chapter together.  It is so much fun for me, given my LOVE for books!  I can remember being young and learning to read.  Chapter books were always my favorite.   JP and I were recently in the library when I found a rather large book that I knew he would enjoy.  However when I showed it to him, he looked almost afraid.  "Oh mommy!  I could never read that's too big for me!"   I explained to him that, that was not true at all.  You just had to read one chapter at a time.

Isn't that also true in life?  If you try to figure everything out all at once, it is so overwhelming!  Much too big for us.  But if you focus on living one day at a time (sometimes, one hour at a time), all of a sudden, it doesn't seem so impossible. 

I have come to the end of a very long chapter in my life.  It's time to turn the page.  Part of the next chapter is the opening of my new blog.  I said that I would explain the name on this site, but I have decided against it.  The explanation of the title is written in the body of the post.  I would like to thank all of you, my readers, for your constant support.  You have been amazing and I will always cherish this blog and everything it has meant to me.  Now, my prayer is that you choose to follow me through the remainder of my story.  I love all of you.

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aeris blanton said...

cool!!! love it !!

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cool!!! love it !!