Saturday, June 25, 2011

bathing beauties

We (mom, Laurie & I ) thought it would be a GREAT idea to give the boys a bath together. NOT! It lasted all of, MAYBE, five minutes! The first issue was Nanny put WAY TOO much water in Preston's tub, so his ears were immersed in the water. The second issue was, it was 9:30 at night and JP's level of energy SKYROCKETS around, it was a disaster! We did manage to snap a few pics! The boys LOVED it! I guess that's all that matters....Preston watches JP like a movie. It's really sweet.

So, in THREE MONTHS, when we decide to give them their second bath together, Preston will have to sit in the actual tub with JP and it will have to be at three o'clock in the afternoon!! ;) JP "washing" Preston

JP did not understand why I asked him to "cover up his pee-pee" for this picture! Ha!

After a short, but overstimulating bath with his big cousin!!

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