Friday, June 24, 2011

my family

Laurie is FINALLY on the road to full recovery! We PRAISE GOD FOR THAT!!!! My blog does not hold the capacity for me to write down all of the ways God has moved in our lives through Laurie's trial. Just believe me when I say it is AMAZING!

I am sitting in my living room. Alone. It is so nice...JP has gone with his daddy to cut MiMi's yard. It is a nice time for JP to spend some alone time with Scott's grandmother. I was about to jump in a hot bath when I felt led to put in writing how important my family is to me. I am not sure where this "feeling" is coming from. I guess because when I think of all my sister has gone through to bring our little Preston into the world, it really makes me thankful for life. And family. Understand me when I say that our family is FAR FROM PERFECT!! (My mom is laughing right now..) I mean, for the most part we are a total mess! We often joke that we are the "Griswold's from Cornblade! And we truly are. But, we also TRULY love one another. A LOT!

So, while I am not sure the Ultimate purpose for this post, I will end it with a prayer from a thankful heart...

Dear God,

The moment I wrote 'Dear God' my eyes began to fill with tears. My heart is now beating a little faster. Maybe this post is for no one other than myself. You are a dear God to me. I will never be able to thank You enough for my sister, my family and our new little addition. I thank You for showing Your face to Laurie. We have talked about it together and if this trial is what had to take place to bring her to Your Throne, then so be it. It has been worth it. Please continue to heal her and allow her to be the parent that You want her to be. May Preston grow up to do great things for You. Now, I do not know what You might have in store for my home...sometimes I get discouraged thinking of the medical obstacles Scott has to jump through. It is, at times, exhausting. But, I trust You Lord. You are always faithful!

I say all of this to say, THANK YOU FOR MY FAMILY, MY HOME, MY FRIENDS, MY LIFE! You are too good to those of us who do not deserve even an ounce of Your grace.

Thank You. Amen.

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