Monday, May 2, 2011

thoughts & updates

This is what my brain feels like right now. I will begin the post by giving you a family update:

SCOTT: Frustrated that he did not win a golf tournament this weekend, but did finish at the top! I'm very proud of him.

JP: Wild and crazy as ever! He's doing great and keeping us on our toes, as always!! He is very sweet and protective of our little Preston.

ME: I am counting down the days until summer!

LAURIE: She is doing GREAT! She is trying to move around more. Her wound is healing beautifully. She goes back to the doctor today, so we are expecting more good news! Thanks to all for your prayers and support!

PRESTON: Perfect!


Through all of this, we are reminded EVERY DAY of how blessed we are as a family. Thank You, God!

Now, for the random thoughts going through my brain:

1) We are in the beginning stages of planning a Disney World trip for JP! He talks about it all the time! We are thinking of going sometime in October, maybe. I will update more as our plans come together.

2) Scott and I have also begun to pray about taking JP back to Guatemala next summer. So far, this is just a thought. Several things have to come together before this can happen. We feel like JP is the perfect age. Next summer he will be turning SIX (wow!). He has a very mature understanding of adoption and asks about the "Eagle's Nest" often. I actually think it will mean something to him to go there and see his "story" come to life. It excites me to think about it. We are not sure when God will choose to expand our family, so we want to do these two things before we have another child.

I guess that is about all. I hope everyone has had a great weekend. JP and I went to church yesterday after missing the past three weeks. It was so nice! I LOVE MY CHURCH!

Have a GREAT day and I will be posting a Mother's Day post soon! Love you guys...

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