Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh boy.... we go again. Well, it looks like Scott had two months of good health. I guess we can be thankful for that, right?! Someone, PLEASE remind me of that!

He is having a lot of pain again, but it's in his stomach this time. He is sick often and randomly throws up. LOVELY, I know! Welcome to my world. He needs your prayers. He is VERY discouraged and upset. Naturally. His (awesome) sister got him in to see a gastroenterologist yesterday. They are going to do a whole new panel of blood work and he goes back December 14. In the meantime, they have put him on a medicine for Crohns. The pain he is experiencing is the same pain he had ten years ago when he was originally diagnosed.

He had a series of blood work done a week ago. That panel revealed that his liver enzymes had jumped up 23 points in four weeks. Another scenario would be infection in his liver. UGH! So, we'll just wait and see. Obviously my concern is that, if it's Crohns in his stomach, there is only a very small part of intestines that it could attack. And he SORT OF needs that for his stoma!!!

Merry Christmas to us. (Sorry, today's not a good day for me! I needed to vent)

I am sharing this with all of you because you guys are always so kind to pray for and support us. Well, we need them AGAIN! Thanks!

On a lighter note, God did bless Scott with a new (to us) truck today! He and his brother in law, Dwayne, drove to Charlotte tonight to pick it up. He is very excited. He has wanted a truck for a very long time. This one was a godsend and a very good deal. I will post those pics soon!!

*Warning* The spell check on this computer is NOT working for some reason. I am VERY, VERY tired and my eyes are a little blurry! So, DO NOT hold me accountable for my spelling in this post. Thank you!

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