Wednesday, July 25, 2012

praying for colorado

I have one more Charleston posting for you, but first thought I would pay my respect to the people affected by the tragic shooting in Colorado.

When I sit down and allow myself to think about what took place, like everyone else, it turns my stomach.  Literally.  It is much easier NOT to let myself think about it.  I remember when the news broke about the massacre at Columbine, I was sad for the families of the victims.  I prayed for them.  And then I forgot.  This one, however, affected me in a more "real" way.  I have a friend who lives in Aurora, CO.  When I heard the news I immediately logged in to Facebook and made sure he was okay. 

Thankfully, he was.

I guess, for me, it has hit a little closer to home.  So, I have joined with the millions of Americans around the world praying for these poor, poor families who have lost their loved ones.  I cannot begin to imagine their grief. 

Now, I will address the less popular view...

I will also pray for the shooter.  Holmes.  No part of me will EVER be okay with what he did, or even the reasons he did it.  Having said that, there is a (very) small part of me that feels sorry for him.  ( I will pause for a moment while you gasp in disbelief).  Over the years, because of the nature of my job, I have had the opportunity to train, study and research the various forms of neurological disabilities.  And I guess somewhere along the way, I developed a "soft-spot" for those who struggle with mental impairments.  The only thing I know for certain is that this man is SICK.  Whether he is "insane" or just evil.  He is sick.  He needs help.  Among many social circles, I have found that most people want Holmes to be sentenced to death. 

I'm not completely on board with that.  He, too, is some one's son. 

No matter what the outcome, for now,  I will commit to lift this sad soul up in prayer.  He definitely needs it.

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