Thursday, August 9, 2012

birthday part 1

 Blowing out the candles to the cake he doesn't eat!  LOL
 Preston actually did enjoy the cake!

 Miss Lindi Rose waiting on her piece
 Rose reading to her babies

 Aunt Laurie bought JP the Hungry Caterpillar pillow/blanket he's been asking for!  Thanks, Larbie!
 My little  scientist loves insects/butterflies etc.

 YAY!  Thanks Bubba/Natalie, BJay/Holly for my new movies!
 The men spent part of the week getting their man cave ready for football season...
 Of course watching ONE game is not good enough for our guys!
 Mom, Laurie, the boys and I did luck out...and our television is a computer!
Sleepy boys...

It's been a good week!  Tomorrow (Friday) JP is having several friends meet him at Chuck E Cheese for a "party."  He is so excited.  It looks like Saturday we will head to the lake with friends until Sunday afternoon.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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