Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday morning or civil war??

I hate Sunday mornings. Before you judge me, allow me to explain...

I love my church. I love going to church. I love serving at church. I love worshipping and singing at church. What I HATE is the drama that takes place at home before stepping foot outside! Surely you know what I am talking about. For example, JP literally pops out of bed like a live-spring during the week. Sunday morning rolls around and he fights me tooth and nail with everything I ask him to do. Scott and I have jobs that require us to be AT work by 7:30 am, but we cannot get to church by 8:30 to save our lives. Even growing up, I remember Sunday mornings being so crazy. Everyone rushed around, fussed, inhaled breakfast, dressed, pouted during the commute and then painted our plastic smiles on our faces so that we appeared as if we wanted to be there.

This morning I had to close my eyes all the way to New Spring, because by the time we made it to the car, I had a splitting headache. This is when I knew the service was going to be good. Why? Because Satan does everything he can to get us NOT to go to church. He wants our families to become so frustrated that we give up and stay home.

I am so thankful we did not stay home. I have to remind myself to power through the Sunday morning drama, because God is ALWAYS waiting on the other side with what is often times the most amazing worship experience!

In your face, Satan!!!!!

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