Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pictures from the weekend

 Me, Hal and Preston.  For some reason I was unable to upload the picture of me and Megan, or the one of me and Colton.  Boo!  Oh well...we had a great time hanging with them on Friday night.
 Jackson and Preston  AKA  T.R.O.U.B.L.E
 Game night!

Breakfast at Flour Haven!  Yummy!

I found this ecard on the Internet this week and thought it was a perfect description of me and my best girls!

Me, Kerri and Kathi.  I do not have one with Megan and Stephanie in it.  I've said it a GAZILLION times before, and I'll say it once again...  I am not sure where I would be without these gals!  They have been my best friends for MANY years, and have always been good to me, but words cannot express what they have meant to me over the past seven months.  Well, one word describes it.  Blessed.
JP has been sick today with the stomach bug that seems to be going around.  I hate it when he is sick.  I feel so helpless.  I am staying home with him one more time tomorrow to make sure he is fever free for twenty four hours.  He did get a lot of rest today and seems to be better.  Thank God.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

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