Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a boy's best friend

(Do not judge me on my sheets...I only have one set that matches my comforter!)
Happy Thursday, everybody! And, thanks be to God, this is my Friday. We have a four day weekend. *Cheer* It is very needed, trust me. I am worn slap out from work this week.
I have a handful of things on my brain tonight, so I'll give them to you in a bulleted list. It's easier that way and I won't have to think as hard. Thinking hurts.
  • As I said, SUPER excited about the 4 day weekend! I hope to have lots of pictures of our fun to share!
  • JP has been GREEN every day so more to go and he gets his favorite book (for now) from Barnes and Noble (or Barnes and Notebook, as he calls it.) Go, JP!
  • Preston walked all he way across mom and dad's living room this week. Several times. He's growing fast...his 1st birthday is coming up soon.
  • We have another Hilton Head trip already planned for June. Can't wait. HH is very rapidly becoming my favorite vacation spot.
  • If Scott can stay well (so far, so good) we hope to begin thinking of DISNEY again! JP SO wants to go.
  • We are booking a condo at Myrtle Beach for the week of spring break. Another MUCH needed vacation with the family. (And a shout-out to my parents whose time share makes a poor girl's vacation dreams a reality! Love ya'll!)
  • I sent off a devotion today to a Christian Magazine for possible publication. Keeping my fingers crossed-this one pays!

Well, that's all folks! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Kathi said...

WOW! That's a wonderful update of everything going on.

- I hope you have VERy quickly from the strep throat. I know that can't be comfortable.

- Woo Hoo for JP! Spring Fever is in the air. All of the kindergartenders have been REALLY energetic and full of energy. I really hope he gets to go to Barnes and Notebook. (That is precious!)

- Wow! I can't believe Preston is almost one. It really seems like just yesterday he was born. He's such a blessing.

- Yay, beach time! I know how much you love and enjoy your time. It'll be extra special fun with Preston. JP will have a blast with him. ☺

- Praise be to God! I am SO glad that Scott is feeling better! I think about him everyday! I always pray for healing and comfort for him.

- Ok, Disney! Oh yeah! I'll definitely GO with y'all! The chance to see JP and Preston's faces will be worth all the tea in China!

- I really hope your devotion will get printed. You have so many, true-to-life writings that really hit home and resonate with with people.

I miss you like crazy. I'm the worst for keeping in touch. But you are on my mind EVERY SINGLE DAY! I think about you all day long. (I REALLY and truly do!)

I look forward to seeing you and catching up. I hope that will be VERY soon!

Love always, Kathi