Sunday, March 18, 2012

random weekend pics

I posted earlier about JP's new favorite book, A Bad Case of Stripes. He came into the kitchen the other night wearing a pair of my socks. At first, like you I'm sure, I thought HOW WEIRD! But then he says, "Look, mommy! I have a bad case of the socks!" My boy is so creative! (...And a little weird!) Yes, my dishwasher is a canvas to display his artwork.
JP LOVES puzzles and is really good at them. He and Scott enjoyed working the Wizard Of Oz puzzle Saturday night. And by "JP and Scott", I mean that JP works the puzzle while Scott watches!

The following pictures were taken today (Sunday). After church, JP and I went to Kid's Planet in Greer. We had a picnic and JP played on the playground. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day!

We have had a nice weekend. I hope you all have too! There is not too much on our agenda for this week...thank goodness!! Thank you for your prayers for Preston. He is feeling much better! Breathing treatments are MAGICAL!

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