Sunday, March 25, 2012

the new driveway

Papa and Nanny put in a circular driveway! In other words, they put in a cool place for the boys to play! JP loves to ride his scooter down the drive, but now we definitely have to get him a helmet. Preston doesn't use his walker anymore, (now that he's walking full-time), but it did come in handy chasing JP! They had so much fun.
I took these pictures before mom, Laurie and I took them to the mall. Laurie had to buy Preston his first pair of REAL shoes. He rarely crawls anymore, so he needed some protection for daycare. BTW, Stride Rite ROCKS! His little shoes are too cute.
We had a fairly restful weekend. Scott played in a golf tournament, so JP and I just hung out most of the time. Church was really great one enjoys Kidspring more than JP! He wakes up every Sunday so excited. The rest of the afternoon we have been so lazy. Before Scott got home, JP watched a new movie in his room while I got some much needed writing done.
Mom and I have to type up the FINAL draft of our manuscript and write our query letter. Once we decide on an agency, we'll send it with our fingers crossed! I can write more on this topic later, but I think we are going to make our book a series. I hope that we are able to sell the first book, because I have a lot of ideas for other books.
I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! We have booked a condo in the middle of downtown Gatlinburg for a long weekend during spring break. We are finally going to buy Dollywood season passes, so maybe a good portion of our summer will be spent in Tennessee!

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