Sunday, March 4, 2012


Spells lazy. That's exactly what we've been, here at the Beam house. Saturday night, we went out with Scott's family to celebrate his birthday. Wanna know when I got out of my pajamas? About thirty minutes before it was time to leave the house!
I told you. Lazy.
As a mother of a fast moving five year old, I feel a little bit guilty. But sometimes, a burnt-out working mother has to do, what a burnt-out working mother has to do... absolutely nothing!
Now, tomorrow that all has to change. I have a job to do. A very difficult/physically draining one, at that. Then, I'll have to come home, pick up around the house, (b/c of all the lazy this weekend, it didn't get cleaned), make dinner, do homework with the kindergartner, bathe myself and my boy and get ready to begin all over again on Tuesday.
The silver lining?? We have a four day work week TWO WEEKS in a row beginning this week!! Hooray! Well, I'm off to bed. Again. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. And I hope the same for your Monday!

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