Sunday, January 6, 2013


WOW, it's been six whole days since I've posted.  That is some sort of record, I'm sure!  Actually, it is the difference of me being out of school for the holidays and now me being back at work again.  I thought I would give you a bulleted update on our week...

  • JP was GREEN his first week back to school.  PRAISE GOD!  I made him take a picture with me.  It's on Facebook, but for some reason my blog is not allowing me to upload pics right now.  I'll have to get to the bottom of that.
  • We both transitioned back to school fairly well.  My week at work was decent, considering.  Of course, we were only there three days! LOL  Next week may be a different story!
  • I have been hitting the treadmill pretty hard this week.  I am working towards my first 5K race in March.  I will be running (very slowly BEHIND..) my girl, Kerri and cousin, Jamie.  But, it will be fun!  I also would like to do a mud run this year.  We'll see about that one...

Okay, I had planned on more bullets than that, but I guess it's been a pretty slow week.  I haven't done much this weekend either.  I ran around town yesterday with my mom and aunt.  We ate an AWESOME late lunch at Cheddars - LOVE THAT PLACE!  Mom and I ran in to an old friend and caught up with her.  That was amazing!  Today was church and it was GOOD!  I picked up JP from his dad's house around 3:00 and we've been pretty lazy since.  (Although we did have a "dance party" with the boys in the living room after dinner...instead of the WOBBLE though, this time it was the Party Rock Anthem!)  Fun times!

I am supposed to sing in church a week from today.  I am trying to choose a song.  Today I went through a box with some of my old tracks in it and found one called, "Why" by Nichole Nordeman.  If you've never heard it, you should find it on ITunes or YouTube.  It's worth listening to.  It is more of a song you would sing around Easter time.  It is a story of a little girl who is following the crowds up the hill at Calvary to see what all of the shouting is about.  She sees Jesus and doesn't understand what is happening to him.  Anyway, the last verse Jesus is crying out to His Father and asking him where He is and why He must die.  (Keep in mind the whole time this is taking place, this little girl is hiding behind her father and watching....)  This is the final verse (God's answer to Him):

"My son, I hear you screaming.  I'm watching the face of the enemy beaming
But one day I'll clothe you in robes of my own
Jesus, this hurts me much more than you know
But this dark hour, I must do nothing, although I hear your unbearable cries
The power in your blood destroys all of the lies
Soon, you'll see past their unmerciful eyes...
Look there below, see the child, trembling by her father's side
Now I can tell you why
She is why you must die."
Now you see why I fell in love with this song!  All because of that one verse.  We are the reason Jesus had to die.  And sometimes that overwhelms me...
Have a super week everybody!  

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