Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a wednesday update = a bunch 'O nothin'

Well, I promised I would give you an update today.  So, here it is.  I cannot remember if I promised profound and inspirational, but it's not.  And for that, I apologize.  Anyway, here we go...

I have been talking a lot about exercise and running lately.  Not only has it been good for me because of the health benefits, but running has served as an amazing therapy tool.   It hasn't been easy.  In fact, it took me probably two whole months before I even began to enjoy it.  Now, I do.  I run every other day and I look forward to it.  I am a part of a runner's website through Facebook and they share inspirational workout quotes from time to time.  I thought that I would share a few with you that keep me inspired.

 This one is SO TRUE!  As much as I love to run, I COULD NOT even attempt it without my music.  I usually listen to Pandora on my phone. I can't stand it when a commercial comes on.  Music is ESSENTIAL to a good run!

 This one is just FUNNY!

 I have been to actual therapy.  All it did was confirm how true this statement is.

I have declared this one as my new life motto.  My circumstances make me sweat, no doubt.  But, they WILL NOT beat me!!!  I WILL keep moving forward.  And I WILL win by becoming a better person than I was before.
This week has been a really tough one for me.  For reasons that I will not share publicly.  I cried through almost my whole run the other night.  When I came through the front door and sat down, these two blessings jumped up in my lap.  Although I had only been gone for about 45 minutes, they were so excited to see me.  I thanked God then for His small reminders of His love for me.  When you are shoulder deep in a pool of blessings, it's hard to stay immersed under the wave of depression. 
Special Olympics took place this past week.  It is always a good time.  This is a picture of me and my friend Angie.  It was SO STINKIN' HOT!
That is all the random stuff I wanted to share.  I have pictures from the babies' birthday party that I still have to upload.  Plus, I want to share the things God shared with me through my pastor and the book of Acts.  When I take a "break" from updating the blog, I really get behind.  And as I said, this has been a REALLY tough week for me.  I walked the fence of depression.  Thankfully, I never TOTALLY fell into the pit, but I came close.  If it weren't for my family and best friends I seriously do not know what I would do.  I can tell you where I would probably be most of the bed with my head under the covers.  At least for the next year.  There are SO MANY things about this life that I do not understand.  I am working really hard to learn that I may not understand them in this life and that is okay. 
I have to be honest with you for a minute.  In the midst of my most recent trial, I have a lot of well meaning people who offer advice to me.  Most of them cannot understand why I choose to handle the circumstances the way I do.  Most of the time I cannot answer that question.  When people hurt us, especially intentionally, the most natural reaction is to REACT in a negative manner.  And quite honestly, that would be the easiest thing to do.  God reminded me Sunday through Scripture of why I am handling things the way I am...
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control."  Galations 5:22-23
The truth is, no matter how badly I hurt some days, I love God MORE than I hate what has happened to me.
That's all for now.  HAPPY HUMP DAY!  

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