Thursday, April 4, 2013

party crasher

Most of the time I am fine.  Really.  I think that I do a pretty good job of functioning day in and day out under the heavy blanket of my unfortunate circumstances. 

Today has not really been one of those days.

 I contribute today's emotions to the fact that EVERYONE under our roof has passed the nasty stomach bug around for over a week now.  Thankfully I have not fallen victim, but it has not been what I would call a picnic to obsessively clean up the house and help care for the patients.  It is because of this wave of sickness that JP and I had to cancel our plans to spend the week at the beach.  So, here I sit on my bed.  Sad.  I personally accepted an invitation (from Satan, no doubt) to a Pity Party.  I am the only guest.  It is a big, lonely room.  The only music playing is the silent, but deafening, whispers of the Snake himself.  He knows the perfect lyrics to share at a time like this.  And make no mistake, it is no coincidence that the invite always arrives when you are at your lowest point.  That is what makes it almost impossible to decline. 

I love parties.  I love music, dancing and most of all, laughing with friends.  While I have certainly been to my share of parties over the years, I have never experienced what they call "party crashers."  You know, those guests who show up uninvited and obnoxiously make their presence known.  I can only imagine that if I were the host of such a party, a party crasher would be sort of like the stomach bug at my house.  Unwelcome and extremely frustrating. 

I was thankful for the interruption to my pity party today.  It came in the form of God's Word and believe me, it cleared the host out of the room faster than I could blink.  Funny how Satan is not so powerful when God enters a room. 

"I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete."  John 15:11
The commentary for this verse in my Bible reads as follows:
" When things are going well, we feel elated. When hardships come, we sink into depression. But true joy transcends the rolling waves of circumstance.  Joy comes from a consistent relationship with Jesus Christ. When our lives are intertwined with His, He will help us walk through adversity without sinking into debilitating lows and manage prosperity without moving into deceptive highs.  The joy of living with Jesus Christ daily will keep us level-headed, no matter how high or low our circumstances."
Needless to say, the party is over.  Thank You, Jesus, for crashing in and carrying me out when You did!  

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