Tuesday, April 23, 2013

preston and the other jp

Hey guys!!  I planned on uploading the pictures from Preston and Lindi's birthday party.  However, it is now almost eleven o'clock and I have not showered from work and the track today!  So, in light of that, I am heading to shower and bed.  It's been a long day. 

I did want to share the pictures of Preston and my brother, JP.  Many of my friends have asked to see them together because those who knew JP are amazed at how they favor.  And since my mom doesn't use Facebook, she asked me to post them on here as well.

They definitely favor.  
                      Both handsome. 
                                     And both loved.
Well, sorry guys...that's all for tonight.  I will do my VERY BEST to post the birthday pictures tomorrow evening.  GOODNIGHT!!


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