Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have been sitting here for the past thirty minutes uploading pictures and writing about my upcoming weekend.  When I hit "publish,"  it completely malfunctioned.  I deleted the post.  The unfortunate part is that I am TOO TIRED to start all over again....

I'm sorry!

I promise to deliver the birthday pics of the babies SOON!  This weekend I will not be able to update the site.  When Laurie gets off work tomorrow, we are traveling to Georgia to see our friend  brother Jeffrey get married!  I am so excited for him.  He has met a great girl and I wish them the very best of luck.  We grew up with Jeffrey and his sister Jodi.  Our parents are best friends.  We spent every holiday together camping.  Myrtle Beach, Stone Mountain, James Island etc....   Hands down, the most favorite times of my life!  I sure do miss those days.  In fact, I am still holding a grudge against my parents for selling our camper.  Don't get me wrong, the time share is really nice to have, but there is NOTHING LIKE CAMPING!!  I would choose an RV and a campground over a condo ANY DAY! 

If you'd like to pray for us tomorrow, we could use it.  Laurie and I do not have the greatest sense of direction.  It is almost dangerous for us to travel together!  The wedding is Saturday at 4:00 pm.  So, if we leave tomorrow (Friday) around 6:00, hopefully we will make it in time for the ceremony - that leaves us plenty of time to get lost.  And no offense, Jeff, but as long as we make it in time for the reception (they have a DJ!)  I'm good to go!  ;)

Alright, well I am heading to bed.  HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS!!

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