Sunday, April 21, 2013

wedding weekend!

Due to the amount of pictures and the fact that I am DEAD TIRED, I am not going to write too much in this post.  Some of you are probably happy about this!  LOL  The wedding was simple and beautiful and our family had an amazing time.  I am, however, happy to be home.  And looking very forward to crawling into my bed tonight.  I'm even skipping my run! 


The handsome groom (my brother) in deep thought before the reception
DJ, the bride, waiting to hit the dance floor!
Mr and Mrs Jeffrey Laws

Our sis, Jodi and her groomsman...isn't she pretty?!  Love the dresses that DJ picked out!
Our proud parents
1st dance... so sweet

Mother/son dance

This is our "Daddy O's."  Dale's dad, Jeffrey's grandfather.  He has not been well for a few years and we were all very grateful to God that he was able to travel and enjoy the special occasion.  He had a wonderful time and it meant so much to have him there.  On a side note, please keep O's in your prayers.  He's a fighter!!
Troublemakers since they were little! (Jodi and I were the "perfect" angels...)
Should have had someone take this picture... he is so stinkin' tall!  I am on my toes here!

Jodi and Preston BURNIN' up the dance floor.  Preston was wiped out after the night was over.

Jodi and Christi getting their SHAG on!  Carolina Girls, the best in the world!!

Dance partners
DISCLAIMER:  The following picture is very difficult for me to post on this blog.  Unfortunately, I feel as though it's only fair to include it.  Just please understand that I do not support nor do I condone the content of the photo.  And although it physically hurts to upload it, that's what family does....they make sacrifices. 
The Bride, the Groom and their Clemson family

 My beautiful sisters!

Preston and his new best friend

Well, there ya go!  A wonderful time was had by all. 
And I'm off to bed...

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