Wednesday, November 6, 2013

halloween and a little bit of our week

Every Halloween we go to Earle Street here in Greenville to trick or treat.  It is close to downtown and it's awesome!  The police block off each end of the road and just about every house participates.  It is seriously like one big block party!  I graduated high school with a girl who lives on the street and I am so thankful she introduced me to the idea.  There are always people grilling out, lots of music and this year there was even a lady eating FIRE!  Yep, you read that correctly.  Weird, I know...but it's Halloween!

My mom and sister brought Preston this year.  It took him a little while to understand the concept of trick or treating, but once he got it down he left us in the dust!  (Until he saw an adult with a mask on....)
Friday night JP and I went to our friend's house for a home-cooked spaghetti dinner -- Y.U.M!  It was a really nice, relaxing evening complete with a LOT of laughter.  As always.  At dinner, I mentioned that I was going to take JP to get his hair cut.  The next thing I knew, my awesome friend John, had him on a stool on the back deck cutting his hair for me.  Have I mentioned to you before how blessed I am with amazing friends?!  Just checkin'...

Didn't he do a great job?!  My little man is growing up too fast!  And he sure loves his John.
Saturday we met Kerri and the boys at the park. They recently bought a new golden retriever puppy.  His name is Charlie and he is adorable.  JP was in heaven!

That's Andrew sitting on my lap.  And yes, he is in a Halloween costume.  Don't ask!
A couple random pics from the week...
 I L.O.V.E, love this picture.  They were playing so well together Saturday morning. I don't remember, but I am sure it didn't last too long!  Such sweet smiles!! 

Here's our little Gamecock football player!  GO COCKS!!  This little two year old can throw a is amazing!  (Just not in the house)
That pretty much sums up our weekend.  Mike, John and I sang in church Sunday.  It was so much fun.  And so therapeutic for me.  I finally agreed to join the praise band.  I LOVE to sing, but I am really DUMB when it comes to music.  I cannot read it, I rarely hear it.  I am a nightmare when it comes to singing with a group.  I pretty much can hear a song on the radio and sing it to you...that's the extent of my talent.  But, I gave in.  I am glad I did.  I love everyone in the group.  I think it will be a lot of fun.
I began reading through the book of Job.  I would encourage all of you to do that.  I read through it once when we were in the middle of our adoption process.  I am really enjoying it.  The message God is giving me is completely different this time around -- funny how that happens!  It really is the LIVING Word.
I ran across a quote this week that caught my attention:
Or sometimes it may be one hour at a time.  My court date, as I shared last week, is rapidly approaching.  My emotions have been all over the place.  I will not even try to explain how I feel.  Most of you wouldn't understand anyway.  That's the worst part.  I am surrounded by the most amazing family, and friends most people would give their right arm to have.  Yet, it has been so difficult not having someone to talk to who really knows and understands how I am feeling.  In one respect maybe that's a good thing.  I am having to learn to be completely dependent on God.  Although I love Him with all my heart, that doesn't come naturally. 
Here is one of my quiet times from this week:
 "There will be good days and there will be bad days.  But God is in all days!  He is the Lord of the famine and the feast and He uses BOTH to accomplish His will!"
Bottom line?  I am a very, very small part of a very large picture.  And although I may not see the completed puzzle here on Earth, I trust God with my pieces.  My final hearing will be held next week.  I will ask you to pray for me.  It will not be an easy thing for me to do. 
On a happier note, when it's over I am packing my car, grabbing my most precious gift and heading to the Island again.  Ocean therapy.  It's good for the soul, and the spirit. 
This weekend I will be going to the cabin on Keowee for a night of  laughter and CRAZY, funny movies!  And then, of course, Saturday night is the Florida Georgia Line concert.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend.

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