Monday, November 25, 2013

the results are in

I do not have time to write tonight, but I promised a decision by Monday, so here goes:

I will be closing out THIS blog and beginning a new one.  After a unanimous response from you guys, I will not make the new blog PRIVATE.  It will take me a little while to sort out the details, so I will ask you to, once again, be patient with me. 

JP and I will be at the beach the majority of this week.  We will return Thanksgiving day to enjoy a meal with our family.  And then we'll head back to the ocean for an extended weekend.  I will not be writing/or working on the blog during this time. I am going to do my very best to enjoy my holiday.  For several reasons, this is a difficult holiday season for me...that is why I am ESCAPING as much as possible for the next two months!

I wish each and every one of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  Before I open the new site, I will post ONCE MORE on here.  I will explain to you the reason for my decision and give you the name of the new blog.  Once it is up and running, I will provide a link on THIS page for you to use. 


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