Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tonight was the last night of my class at Furman. I am so bummed! Having said that, the amount of information/knowledge I am carrying away with me is PRICELESS! About half the class exchanged email addresses. We are going to follow up with one another and talk about forming a Writer's Group. I am super excited about that.

The instructors, Tim Davis, http://timdaviscreations.com, and Melinda Long, http://melindalong.com, were also open to suggestions for other courses. They are FABULOUS teachers. If you ever run across a class or a workshop with their name attached, I strongly recommend you sign up. It would be well worth your time and money!

Tonight, we read the rough draft of our book. Then, we were critiqued by the class. The suggestions that mom and I received about our story were very helpful. We have some work to do. It will be fun to go back and "tweak" things a bit. Melinda handed out a worksheet with the website address to find ethical agents and publishers. So, after we make our revisions (and then maybe a few more) we'll draw up a cover letter and ship our idea to an agent.

I will keep you informed of what happens from here. I certainly expect to be turned down. Maybe numerous times. As long as the rejection is accompanied by advice on how to make things better, I'm okay with that. Besides, my favorite inspirational author, Max Lucado was rejected many times before he was published!

We'll keep our fingers crossed and lift our prayers to the sky!

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