Friday, February 24, 2012

bless him

My very sweet boy watching his movie on the computer while his mommy and daddy feed their obsession with a little Burn Notice!
Look at this little man's face. I'm so ready for him to get better!

Well, God saved us AGAIN today! JP has had a cold for several days. He has been running TERRIBLY high fevers. I didn't really think anything of it because he runs fevers if you look at him cross-eyed. And with the weather doing such crazy things, I blamed the congestion/runny nose and cough on that!
Last night (Thursday) his fever spiked to almost 105. We stripped him down and threw him in a cold bathtub in the middle of the night...that was LOVELY, as you can imagine. I had to set my alarm for every two hours to put cold cloths on his neck and wrists. It was awful! He woke up this morning feeling a little better. No fever. I took him to Scott's mom's house this morning and he did great with her all day. He ran a tiny low-grade for a bit, but nothing a little Motrin didn't take out. He began eating and drinking some. So, I decided against taking him to the doctor.
THANKFULLY, I changed my mind. I, (along with family and friends), decided that because it was Friday, I mine as well get him checked out just in case. I didn't want another fever like last night. Turns out, he has had Strep since Wednesday!! I was in was the doctor. If we had NOT taken him today, things could have gotten really ugly this weekend.
Thank You, God!

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