Sunday, February 12, 2012

our weekend

Scott and I have become DANGEROUSLY addicted to the television series, Burn Notice. Dangerously. We have all three been lazy this weekend. JP spent a lot of time playing around the house and in his room while Scott and I have been catching up on our BN episodes! If you've never watched the show, it's may have replaced NCIS. *Gasp*

I've mentioned before that JP is going through a stage where he is afraid of EVERYTHING. At times, it is a struggle to get him to play alone in his room. So, in an attempt to help him with this, Scott bought him these AT&T Cell Phone/Walkie Talkies. You can get them for $8 at WalMart. So far, it's been worth the money. The idea is that if JP is playing in his room or anywhere in the house alone and gets scared, he "calls" us on the walkie. It's really cute. He'll say, "Hey daddy, do you copy?"
We did not go to church today because JP's had a cold. I didn't want him in a bounce house with 30 other children. So, we stayed home and played a few games.

Operation is one of his all time favorites!

He worked a little bit on his "skyscraper."
We built a tent over his bunk beds. This was our view from inside. We were waiting on the movie to begin...

That's about it. We've been EXTREMELY lazy all weekend. We've only left the house to go to the store and to pick up Little Caesars pizza. But, it's been nice. Sometimes our week gets so hectic, it's hard to catch up on rest. I've enjoyed it!

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