Wednesday, February 22, 2012

brag '0 bit

If you love Pizza Hut like I do, you'll LOVE their Big Box deal! There are several options to choose from. Scott and I got the pepperoni pizza/bread sticks/cinnamon sticks box. It was SO YUMMY!! And the BEST part?? It's $10! Yes, you heard me right - TEN DOLLARS!! Are you kidding me?? It is such a deal. We didn't eat all of it, so technically it's two meals for that amount of money. And I didn't have to cook!
My next brag meal? The $5 foot long sub from Subway! ANY foot long sub for only $5! Again, I say, are you kidding me?!

I have had three different meals in my cupboards/fridge to cook for the past two nights. Last night I had class and tonight JP is sick. So, needless to say, cooking was out of the question for me. I am so thankful for Subway and Pizza Hut for these wonderful deals! If you haven't already taken advantage of them, it is well worth the (small amount of) money!
(And no, these restaurants are not paying me to endorse their food!)

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