Wednesday, February 20, 2013

introduction to Forty Days of Grace

* I finished writing the Introduction to my devotional book before the summer.  I was supposed to attend a conference at Furman University (where I took my writing class) this past October.  There were going to be publishers and agents there.  Anyway, I was unable to attend.  Because of that, I have not really done much with my manuscript. I am just now picking it back up and getting back into the routine of writing each day.  I thought I would share the Introduction with you.  Thank you to those who have given me your feedback on the magazine pieces.  I greatly appreciate it! 
I also received an email today from a publisher who published a poem that I had written in a poetry book last year.  They are about to publish a "Best of 2012" book and asked for permission to include my poem.  That was sort of exciting.  The funny part is, I really do not like writing poetry. Ha!  It is so ironic that they chose mine.  Oh well, if nothing else, it gets my name out there once more.  I am thankful for any opportunity God gives me in regards to my writing.
I hope everyone has a great night!  I am super excited because tomorrow is Thursday!  One more day closer to the weekend! 


I began writing a blog while waiting to bring my son home from Guatemala in the spring of 2007. God took the most painful period in my life and turned it into His artwork. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but writing devotions has turned out to be a gift. And I don’t mean for you, the reader. These devotions have been God’s gift to me. In order to write a devotion worth reading, God has to speak to you. Now, I cannot tell you that I have always enjoyed His timing. He has awakened me in the middle of the night, and kept me up endless hours. He’s even spoken to me while in the shower or driving in the car. It’s almost as if He knows that I do not have a pen and paper. They say God doesn’t have a sense of humor! I beg to differ.


In 2011, I opened another blog specifically for devotions. This book is a result of that blog. My prayer is that God will use each word to speak to you the way He has used them to speak to me. If I have learned anything in my walk with Christ, I’ve learned that this ride called life is very bumpy. The hills are steep and the valleys are deep. In your trunk, you’ll be smart to keep a spare Bible, a set of close friends and a warm blanket of patience.

So, start your engine, roll down the windows and let’s drive together through Forty Days of Grace!

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