Monday, May 27, 2013


What a weekend.  To say that it was perfect would be quite the understatement.  Before I share my weekend with you, allow me to tell you just how ridiculously AWFUL my week was.  Work was really hectic.  I think it has more to do with the fact that we have so few days left in the classroom.  We are more than ready for summer.  By the end of the week, I had, HAD it. I even left work early Friday for personal reasons.  I was done.  So, if I ever needed a great weekend, this was it!  And it did not fail me.

Friday night JP and I hung out around the house.  It seems like such a long time ago, I cannot even remember exactly what we did.  Saturday morning we woke up (early, thanks to JP) and packed up for a day at the lake. 

 Since he was a baby, the boat has ALWAYS put JP to sleep...

 We do tend to get just a LITTLE bit crazy!  But, I can promise you we know how to have a good time!!
 JP loves to ride the tubes.

 And of course they were thrown off!  The waters were pretty rough.  It didn't phase my boy...he wanted more!

Sunday we went to church.  It was a great service, as always.  Sunday afternoon, we headed over to our friend's house so JP could play with the dogs while we hung out.  Another GREAT time!

 Gotta love Cash!
 JP and his favorite buddy, Hal
 I would rather not explain this picture... again, no one will EVER accuse my friends and I of not knowing how to have a good time!!
 JP loves him some Megan  (as we all do!)
 Patsy gets jealous of all of the Cash pics...I couldn't leave her out.
Me and my girl!
We didn't wrap up our party until very late, so we ended up spending the night with Megan and Hal.  Adult slumber parties...gotta love 'em!  Today we woke up and headed back home to spend the day at the pool with our family.  We had to spend Memorial Day with our hero soldier...

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend!  At least this will be a four day week....THANK GOODNESS!!!!

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