Thursday, May 30, 2013

good ole greenville

I absolutely LOVE where I live.  You can drive as little as 45 minutes and be in the middle of the mountains and 3 hours and be on a beautiful beach!  South Carolina is AWESOME!  I just had to say that.  I took the boys downtown to play in the sprinklers this afternoon.  Preston was was his first time going.  At first, he wasn't too certain about it, but he warmed up very quickly with JP there to help (drown him!).  Afterwards, we ate snack/dinner at the O-Cha Tea Bar.  The scenery is peaceful and relaxing and the food/drinks are great.  It was just the afternoon I needed. 

More specifically, however, I love living in Greenville.  I can remember downtown being a literal sidewalk.  And now, there is SO much to do.  It amazes me.  I have spent so much time in Charleston and it's incredible, but aside from the Battery and the ocean, it's downtown hasn't got much at all on downtown Greenville.  I will do a post soon for all of my mommy followers with a detailed list of our summer activities.  But here is a very brief bulleted list of a few things in the area I am super excited about to share with my boys this summer:

  • Jones Gap State Park - always HIGH on our list.
  • Long Shoals Wayside Park - one of our favorites from last summer.
  • Paris Mountain - really cool picnic/swimming area, paddle boats and a playground.
  • Falls Park - everything down there.
  • Free movies at Cherrydale Cinemas
Again, that is just the MINI list.  The most expensive thing mentioned above is Paris is a whopping $5.00! 

We already have several beach trips planned and of course we'll be in Charleston on MORE THAN one (or two or three) occasions. 

It's gonna be a great summer!

My baby had his 1st grade awards program this morning.  He got an award for Outstanding Poetry.  SO PROUD!

Have a great Friday everyone!!! 

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