Monday, June 11, 2012

apple and the tree

My son LOVES Eric Carle.  His favorite book is, and probably always will be, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

It was raining today, so we went to Barnes and Noble after lunch to look at/read books and play in the kid section.  JP spent the majority of his time walking around and pointing out all the things he wants for his birthday.  MOST of them were related to Eric Carle and the Caterpillar book.  (Everything else was Angry Birds or Spiderman!)  When he completed his wish list, we sat in the corner and played with the Thomas the Train display.

While we were sitting there, a very snooty young mother walked up to let her much younger son play at the train table.  JP, of course, started talking to her and pointed out all of the Hungry Caterpillar paraphernalia he was carrying around with him.  He proceeded to tell her that he wanted all of the stuff for his birthday this year.  The lady looked at him and said, "How old are you?  You look like you're five.  Don't you think that's baby stuff you have there?  I don't think you REALLY want that, do you?"  JP's answer was a resounding YES!  She rolled her big  eyes and laughed at him.

Yes, you heard me correctly, laughed. 

Are you kidding me??  I felt my blood begin to boil.  JP looked at me with a "what did I say that was so funny"  look.  I quickly told the bully lady that he was soon to be SIX years old, but that he loved anything to do with that particular author.  She got up and left.

All I am going to say is this...  I do not care if my son is holding a baby rattle, it is NOT okay for you to laugh at his interests.  This little obsession of his will soon pass.  Until it does, I will certainly encourage it.  He is so proud of himself when he reads the book.

Okay, I'm calm now.  Thanks for allowing me to rant. If this is any indicator of how I am going to do when he gets older and faces adversity, I'm in big trouble.  It is no wonder why there are so many child bullies in our elementary schools...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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