Thursday, June 28, 2012

a very busy thursday

 Our day began BRIGHT and EARLY!  We kept Preston today so his mommy and nanny could work.  These boys have some SERIOUS love for one another!

 Of course we had to play outside in our new sprinkler...and FYI, it was well worth the money.  Little Tikes Beach Ball at Walmart.  It is cheap and a LOT of fun!

 JP has been attending VBS this week at the church where Scott and I were married (and where I grew up.)  He had a total BLAST!!  Tonight was the last night and they had a little program and hot dog supper. 

 Preston waiting on "J Geee"  to walk down the isle with his class!
 Here he comes....
 Watching the FINAL video.
 He sang his little heart out and did every motion with a big smile on his face.  I was so proud!

This is JP with his newest best friend, Caroline.  I grew up in church with her mommy.  They are too cute together!  (And up to no good, I'm sure!) 

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