Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mom enough?

This is another HOT topic circuiting the entertainment world!  I will remind you before you read this post, that the following is my opinion only.  Please do not take offense and send me "hate" comments via email if you are a member of the group of people who support this practice.

One word exploded in my mind when I saw this cover.  SICK!  Those of you who know me are aware that my child came to me through the wonderful gift of adoption.  I have not had the opportunity to experience breast-feeding.  Most of my friends have, so I am fully aware of how important it is and what a precious time of bonding it can be between a mother and her child.  I understand that it is a very natural practice and that God MEANT for a child to nurse. (Also keep in mind that it is perfectly okay if a woman is unable to nurse ...I'm just pointing out here that it was originally in God's perfect plan  for mothers to nurse their babies.)

Having said that, you'll have a hard time convincing me that God intended for any mother to prop her school-age child on her boob when they are hungry.  I will not go as far as to say that this is child-abuse, although I have heard that argument. What I will say is that if your child is old enough to 1.) have a mouth full of teeth, and 2) ask for your milk,  they are TOO OLD TO BE NURSING! 

Come on, moms!!!!  My son is turning six this summer.  For WELL OVER two years now, I have made a conscience effort not to undress or bathe in front of him.  In my opinion, around age three children should be taught to respect privacy and learn to exercise an appropriate amount of modesty.

So, needless to say, this magazine picture CREEPED ME OUT, to say the least!  If you are a mother who practices this grotesque form of "bonding," STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and purchase your child's milk at the grocery store like the rest of us!

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