Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day

 Mamaw with her three GREAT grandchildren

Scott lost his grandmother this morning.  Over the past three years, she has suffered with various heart and infection issues.  However, it seems so sudden that she's gone.  We were not expecting this.

Not today.

Kim (Scott's mother) called early this morning from the hospital.  After arriving at the ER, she was quickly moved into CCU.  Following an emotional string of decisions, the doctor removed the ventilator..  Mamaw peacefully drifted off to sleep.  She was not in any pain.  And for that, Lord, we are very grateful.  While we are saddened by our loss, as Christians, we do have an understanding of how this process works.  Having said that, it is NEVER easy trying to explain to a five year old what has taken place.  And why Mamaw will not be around anymore. 

Dwayne (Scott's sister's husband) was leaving the house today to tell his children, MacKenzie and Coleman, (pictured above.)  I love what he planned on telling them, and I don't think he'll mind me sharing.   He told MacKenzie (she's older), "Today is Father's Day.  God is Mamaw's Father, so he wanted to be with her on this day."  How beautiful.  And how true. 

It must be hard for God to sit on His Throne and watch His children suffer.  How gracious of Him to attend to Mamaw's needs.  Here on Earth, it is hard for those of us who loved her, but we are thankful that she has been united with her Father.  Forever.

Happy Father's Day. 

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