Saturday, June 2, 2012

32 ounces of garbage

Unless you reside under a rock, you have heard that the mayor of New York is trying to pass a law that will prevent businesses from serving 32 oz drinks to their customers.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????  This is wrong on SO MANY levels, if you ask me.  You didn't, but I'm gonna share my thoughts anyway! 

It amazes me how contradicting the government can be.  We currently live within a system that breaks out in an all out WAR when a mother feels that her rights are being taken away when it comes to aborting her fetus.  Riots and pickets form when Gay/Lesbian rights are threatened.  And  yet, the government is going to take away a person's right to order a large coke?  Come on! 

Is a 32 oz carbonated/sugar-filled drink good for you?  Of course not!  However, if you're gonna put a limit on how much fountain drink I can have, you better put a ban on how many cigarettes a person can smoke.  You better be prepared to draw a line with how many alcoholic beverages a person can consume at a bar.  Bottom line, no matter how much soda I drink, it's not likely to affect my driving. It will not kill anyone but me.  Second-hand carbonation is not going to affect the lungs of the person sitting behind me in a restaurant.  And why stop there?  I mean, are sodas the ONLY thing that contribute to the obesity epidemic in America?  I think not. I can think of TONS of items the mayor may want to include in his "ban." 

Can we say priorities?!

Having said all of this, allow me to share my disclaimer:  Like I've said before, I am not saying I am for OR against gay/lesbian rights and/or abortion in this post.  I am only using those topics as examples to support my point.  I believe that the government is backwards in their thinking and SHOULD have more pressing issues to address than what size drink a person orders at the drive thru window!

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